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01.01.2018 - Terrence and Isabel Marks:
Hey everyone, first off, Happy New Year! We made it through another year. Hope 2018 is a great one for you all.

I have a few things to talk about today. First, we are discontinuing our Patreon. I thought about it for a while, but it's not a good fit for the two of us, with the price increasing controversy being the final straw for me. I understand and respect those that still use the site, but it's not a good fit for the two of us. So, instead, we'll be focusing on from here on out. It may not have all the bells and whistles that Patreon did, but we'll try our best to make it the best bonus site we can. Thank you to everyone who supported us there! It was starting to become to mentally taxing for me to run it, which brings me to my next topic...

We've been through a lot of changes last year, some for the better, some not as great... but as we reflect on where we've been and where we're going... we've both realized we're kind of burnt out. Now, full disclosure, I'm always kind of burnt out, sometimes physically, sometimes mentally, most of the times, both. But when Terrence gets burnt out, we definitely have a problem... without my writer, who is building the kind of story I just cannot, I'm all kinds of screwed. So to give him some down time we're going to be changing the updating schedule for a while... hopefully just for the month, but as of right now, I am not putting a definite date on anything. So, for at least the month, the comic will be going to three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) with sketches for the other two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday). Hopefully this will help us feel less overwhelmed with everything going on in our lives, and hopefully work on the site a bit. - Isabel

To summarize the Patreon controversy from last month, they announced a fee increase. More importantly, they pitched it as a way for creators to get a larger percentage of the donated money, by redefining both 'larger percentage' and 'donated money'. This was not cool. The first response, when it was brought up that this would seriously hurt smaller creators, was that they'd maybe prefer to concentrate on creators making larger, life-changing amounts of money, which tells us a lot about the company and where we stand with them. Patreon walked these changes back, but we cannot count on their interests aligning with ours in the long run and we'd rather they not be a larger part of our revenue stream. We are lucky that we have the ability to walk away from this tenuous alliance. We have our own donors-only site, I'd rather put the effort into making that better instead of worrying when the next shoe will drop. We would rather have more control over our comic and anything we make from it.

And hopefully the schedule change will let us work on the site a bit, update some pages, figure out why our Emergency Broadcat System didn't pick up the announcement last night. Or just rest and relax. That's good too. - Terrence

12.05.2017 - Terrence Marks:
Holiday cards are coming soon! This year's card will feature Nicole! If you want one, please email me with your address. If you enjoy the comic, we'll be glad to send you one. We'll be getting them printed real soon so please contact us by Friday.
Want to send us a card? We'd be thrilled to get it. Email me for the address - and be sure to send your address so we can send you one back.
So here are the rules:
If you contributed - either via Patreon or - this year, you get a card (please make sure we have the correct address for you).
If you send us a card, you get a card.
If you ask, you get a card.
10.31.2017 - Isabel Marks:
Happy Halloween! Stay safe out there and have fun!

10.18.2017 - Terrence Marks:
We got a house, as I mentioned a little while ago. Let me tell you about our yard. The best things I can say about it is that it's a pretty good size and that it was in this shape when we got it so it's not our fault.

After we moved in, I noticed a mound of dirt in the front yard that wasn't there before. We were going to the hardware store anyhow so we got kitted up to handle fire ants. Before I dropped the ant poison, I poked the mound a few times and no ants came out. So that wasn't it.

I figured that maybe one of our neighbors poured a bucketful of dirt on our yard. If that was the case, then asking questions about it wouldn't lead anywhere useful. Isabel mentioned that the water department came out the previous morning and that made a lot more sense.

Then we saw another dirt mound a few days later. And it's looking like we've got moles. So off to the hardware store again to get kitted up to handle moles. We've got options. I don't know how to use traps. I don't want to get poison; we'd hate it if one of the local cats or dogs got in to it. So we got mole repellent.

First one we saw, active ingredient was putrescent egg solids. That was when I decided I'd rather have a mole problem than a putrescent egg solid problem. Second one, active ingredient was dried blood, and maybe I'm being superstitious but "We spread blood over our front yard" is the kind of thing you see at the beginning of a problem rather than at the end of one. So we've been putting castor oil granules down and so far it's moderately successful, I guess.

We had wanted to start a garden, but we can't do much until this is taken care of. But homeownership involves having a lot of things filed as plans for later on. Isabel is tending some potted plants and the cactuses are doing alright. Prickly, but generally alright. The others, we'll have to figure out a bit more about what we're doing.
10.17.2017 - Terrence Marks:
A while back I mentioned my Magikarp Used Splash ribbons at Anime LA. Why didn't we make Nicole and Derek ribbons? Becuase this was our first time doing it and we wanted to get a feel for it. I wasn't sure people would be interested in them. Turns out you can give out ribbons for anything. I've got a few I don't know what they're about, but I'm glad to have them. I could've made ribbons that said "Mike's Dry Cleaning" and if I were giving them out for free, maybe five people out of a hundred would've asked what it was about. There's people there with ribbon chains forty feet long. Ribbons are two inches tall. You don't get to forty feet of them by being choosy.

One of the things I've learned over the years, though, is that a reference is fun when it's shared. Unlike Minerva was me just throwing out whatever amused me at the time, whether it was a forty-year-old Li'l Abner storyline or a song by a band that nobody else ever heard of. It didn't always make much sense because of that. There are one or two references in there that I don't understand any more, and I wrote them. Mystery Science Theater 3000 taught me to put a joke in because the right people would get it. And that's better advice when you're throwing five jokes a minute for two hours than it is when you've got three to six panels a day.

So, my point is that when I hand a ribbon out, I want the reaction to be "Oh, cool! I like that thing too", rather than "I have no idea what Los Shakers is, but I'm glad I have another ribbon". And while I think that Uruguay's answer to The Beatles is one of the best bands ever, I don't expect the anime con crowd to share my enthusiasm for them. I don't expect anyone else to share my enthusiasm for them. So as much as I like The Loud Family, or Cross Game, or Clerks: The Animated Series, I'm not sure how well-recognized they'd be by the youth of today.

That was one of the reasons why I decided to go with "Magikarp used Splash!". Pokemon has brand cachet. It's been around a while. Kids these days recognize it.

Isabel keeps having to shoot down my ideas for next year's badges or make them more accessible because of that. Like while Isabel and I repeat phrases from Clerks: The Animated Series to each other, it originally only ran for two episodes, so a Bear Who Drive Car reference might go over peoples' heads. Or not doing a WarioWare ribbon since there hasn't been a real WarioWare game in eight years and the first one is older than some of the attendees; we try not to think too hard about exactly how old our old favorite series are.

So we were walking down a hallway at the con. I was talking about how I shouldn't do The World Ends With You ribbons, since nobody remembers that game anymore. And two separate passersby mentioned that they loved TWEWY and would totally want ribbons of it. Funny how things go.

We'll almost certainly do it again next year. Need to think about what kind of ribbons we'll make and how we'll give them out.

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